Workshops @ Club Yoga Leeuwarden

on request 2021

Inversions II Workshop 09:15 – 11:15 am

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Here’s a juicy 26 min. flow four you. A perfect burning movement to wake up your core. Come and move with me.


This is one of my favorite little morning core-routines. A perfect energizing start in the day. A short sequence of 15 min that you can squeeze in every time that you want to get your body moving.


These are 7 of my favorite CORE movements. Take it slow and repeat every movement mindful.

Connect your breath to the movement and listen to the birds:) – The slower you go the harder it’ll be!

Take 3 rounds x 12 repetitions  -> This video is speed up!

40 min.Ashtanga inspired flow in cooperation with Club Yoga Leeuwarden. This class is in Dutch.

Waking up your body and mind with this 25.min Gentle Flow. This class is in English.

45 min. Yogilates class in cooperation with Club yoga Leeuwarden. This class is in Dutch.