For me personal, Yoga is a way of living. It combines the ‘outer experience’ (body movement) with the ‘inner experience’ (emotions, spirituality). Therefore Yoga is much more than just the Asanas (movement.) It’s taking time for yourself and giving your body what it needs.
Focusing on something specific like your breath calms your mind and builds awareness. It brings you away from your thoughts closer to just being. There is no judging and comparing in Yoga. It doesn’t matter what the person next to you is doing or how much you sweat during the practice.
If you practice on a regular base it will improve your flexibility and build muscle strength in a great way.
Yoga relaxes your system and improves your balance and you can even find a deeper sleep and get a boost for your immune system.

Yoga Styles

My style varies from Ashtanga Primary Series, Vinyasa Flow, Power Yoga to Yin Yoga.

The Ashtanga Primary series is a demanding and powerful practice which focusses on your breath, body and mind. It’s a sequence of postures, which will be repeated every class. A very energetic class suitabel for everybody that likes a littel challenge.

A Vinyasa Flow class is a dynamic and creative practice that focuses on the connecting between your breath and your movement.

This class is suitable for all Levels.

Power Yoga is as dynamic as a Vinyasa Flow, but more demanding and powerful. A strong and uplifting practice, suitbale for more experienced students.

Yin Yoga is a soothing and relaxing style of Yoga. Each posture will be held for 3-5 minutes. Yin Yoga works deep into the connective tissues and creates a realxed state of mind.

Yin Yoga is Suitable for every Level.

Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga for the beautiful mums and their babies will focus on developing strength and creating calmness.

I like to assist and support my students whenever it is needed and welcome.


Yoga and Mediation is a great way to connect with your emotions and yourself.
Meditation helps you to focus and reduces stress. It calms your mind and your breath, and it helps you to develop a stronger understanding of yourself and your body.
By practicing it over a longer amount of time it can bring your mind and body into a different state of being. A state where you’re one with the present moment and away from any thoughts.
It develops mindfulness, self-reflection and makes you more open hearted.
Maybe it can show you that there is more to the world than meets the eye.


Yoga can be a great form of functional strength training. You’ll build strength in your whole body which will lead to a better posture and helps to stabilize the joints.
Especially the core and our upper body will be challenged by a regular Yoga practice.


Yoga will improve your flexibility in a great way. It stretches and tones your muscles and improves your range of motion.
Trough stretching you release tension and thereby relieve stress.


Practicing Yoga will improve your physical balance and will lead to a balanced connection between your mind and your body.
You’ll become more aware of the present moment and the movements you perform.
Also finding the balance between your work life and your free-time is really important.
Make time for yourself.

Balance is the key, in everything.